December 2019

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When Nursing Home Negligence Caused Your Loved One’s Sepsis

Nursing home residents often have multiple health issues. It can be tricky for you, as a family member or a friend, to know when something has changed, or a new medical problem has developed. You count on the nursing home doctors and nurses to notice…

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How can I afford an attorney after an emergency room delay-in-treatment injury?

If the emergency room’s delay in treating your medical condition caused you to suffer further injuries, you likely have additional medical costs to pay. You may be unable to work. Your finances are taking a hit. You think the emergency room should pay for the…

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Hospitals May Claim That Delays in Treatment Are the Patient’s Fault

You know what happened. You waited so long for emergency room care that your condition worsened, and you suffered physical injuries that you would not have suffered if you had been appropriately triaged and promptly treated. What you didn’t expect was that the hospital would…

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If I file a lawsuit for delay in treatment, will it impact my ability to get medical care?

Pursuing financial damages because a hospital made a mistake should have no bearing on your ability to get medical care now or in the future. It would be unfair, unethical, and dangerous for your medical providers to refuse to treat you because you exercised your…

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Beware of ER Treatment Delays During the Holidays

The standard of care you receive in the emergency room should be the same 24/7/365. Emergency rooms have a duty to provide you with reasonable care, no matter what day of the year it is. To do this, emergency rooms must have enough staff to…

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Why are chemotherapy mistakes so dangerous?

Chemotherapy medications are toxic. When used correctly, these toxins kill the cancer cells in your body. However, chemotherapy drugs can also kill healthy cells in your body and make you very ill. You are already vulnerable to illness because of your cancer and previous cancer…

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