On Monday, January 16th, Amazon-owned shoe retailer Zappos informed 24 million of its customers that the site had been infiltrated by internet hackers. The cyber-attack compromised customers' names, phone numbers, emails, encrypted passwords, and the last four digits of account credit cards. 

The good news is that Zappos had taken preemptive security measures, such as storing all complete credit card data in a separate database. Zappos has also been lauded for having a plan in place for just such an emergency, and acted in a calm and timely fashion to urge customers to change their usernames and passwords.

Despite efforts, however, there are those who feel they have suffered as a result of this network breach. Customers of Zappos are coming forward, asserting that the theft of their information has led to an increase in email spamming, leaving them vulnerable to another online identity breach.

If you have suffered emotional distress or have been targeted by email scams as a result of the Zappos security breach, contact the law offices of Gray & White. Our firm was the first to file a Zappos class-action lawsuit. Call 1(800)634-8767 to learn the next step in seeking restitution. 

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