Medication Errors

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Owning Up to Medication Errors in Kentucky

People make mistakes; it’s part of the human condition. Often, mistakes can be corrected without being disclosed, and no harm is done. When medication errors are hidden, though, the consequences can cause a great deal of harm—even death. How Do Medication Errors Occur? A number…

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Computers May Help Kentucky Doctors Reduce Medication Error Rate

Medication errors are expensive, harmful, and sometimes deadly, and they occur far too often. An Institute of Medicine report cited by Right estimates that each year, medication errors cause about 7,000 deaths. A number of factors contribute to medication mistakes—the patient’s memory or vision;…

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Vitamins and Pet Medications Can Lead to a Kentucky Child’s Drug Injury

As a parent, you have no doubt been terrified by news stories involving children and prescription medication mistakes. These tales are often in the headlines and usually involve a pharmacist dispensing the wrong medication or calculating an improper dosage—but there are other ways children can…

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Kentucky Heart Patients, Beware of Medication Errors After Hospital Discharge

A new study finds that about 50 percent of cardiac patients experience medication errors once they are discharged from the hospital, up from previous estimates of 20 percent. Even when patients have personalized assistance from a pharmacist, including follow-up, errors occur. About the Study The…

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5 Ways to Build Your Case after an Elderly Medication Error in Kentucky

If you have an aging parent, you’re probably worried about what can happen to him while you’re not around. You have put safeguards in place at home—such as shower rails to prevent slipping and a beeper to call for help—but he may be even more…

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Louisville Pharmacists Say Distractions and Increased Orders Cause Rx Mistakes

If you believe that your Louisville pharmacy mistake was an accident waiting to happen, you’re probably right, according to your pharmacist. A study recently published in U.S. Pharmacist discovered that over 80% of pharmacists believe the risk of dispensing errors is actually increasing, despite industry efforts…

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